Established 1803

Historic White Oak Farm has made its way through the hands of 3 families before finally landing in ours. The history behind this plot of land dates back all the way to the late 1700's. As a businessman, political leader and entrepreneur post American Revolution, John Cleaves Symmes decided he wanted to expand into the Ohio country. He and partners purchased nearly 330,000 acres of land after the approval of congress under the  George Washington administration, now known as the Symmes purchase.


Not long after, Lon Hunter eventually purchased this parcel for three hundred and fifty-dollars and settled on the land establishing as White Oak Farm in 1803. The Hunter Family cherished it for over 14o years building the original farmhouse and big barn, raising China Poland pigs and living off the land. They hosted many events but perhaps the most memorable, a wedding for his only daughter Carrie. An old news article from 1893 titled, "A Brilliant Wedding" reminisces on the spectacular day.


Nearly a century and a half later, the Lily Family took over the farm and most recently the Wellings'. Dr. Richard and Darlene Welling have a passion for conservation and preservation of the land, as was promised over a hand shake with Mr. Lily when they purchased the farm. The Welling's together breathed life into the land over the course of 3 decades. They planted apple & pear trees, the pine trees lining the long front drive, gardens and blueberry bushes. They raised cattle, honey bees, chickens and so much more. Throughout the generations while each family has made their special mark on the land, much of the original farm still stands tall and beautiful lending itself the nickname,

"A Little Slice of Heaven."