Our Farm

Historic White Oak Farm is family owned and operated. Raised in the city, we always felt a tug in the direction of wide open spaces and envisioned ourselves as first generation farmers. After choosing to take a huge leap of faith we are chasing our dreams & seeking a slower paced and intentional lifestyle that we can share with others. We welcome you to our Farm, the perfect setting for your special day or event. We take pride in our home and providing a haven for visitors to relax and enjoy.

A gathering place to reconnect.

Growers & Makers

Historic White Oak Farm encompasses over 100 acres of various agricultural aspects. A working farm since 1803, we continue to operate 55 acres of pastures and hay fields, dedicated to our grass-fed cattle and flocks of free-range chickens. 

Our Harvest, a local farming co op who's mission is to cultivate nutritious and quality produce using best farming practices, continues to pour into the the front 10 acres of our farm harvesting vegetables and providing a cherished source of food for the community. 

In our grow room we hatch and raise baby chicks and sow seedlings preparing for the warmer seasons. The farm is powered by wind, solar and geothermal energy. We have dedicated ourselves to learning and growing into our role as stewards of the land and are driven by a passion for quality food and self sustainability.

Special Celebrations

W​e value the importance of family and gatherings, and would love to share our Farm for your next event. 

We can provide a number of options for locations, setting the scene for your event and bringing your vision to life. 

As family-owned and operated, we want to make sure your event is personal, memorable and - most of all - special. We will work with you and/or your event planner every step of the way, from conception through to the event and after.  

We invite you to come see the farm beforehand, giving you a better idea of the opportunities. Contact us today to organize your visit. 

Paddock to Plate

We grow produce on our farm, from apples and pears to our wild blackberries, knowing where food comes from and the quality of it has always been a passion of ours.  



As our production plans expand so does what we offer you. Currently, we raise from birth Black Angus cattle that are strictly grass fed and grass finished. With 63 chickens and throw in a few roosters, we also raise non- GMO, free range chickens and are excited to be offering fresh eggs in the shop straight from our farm to your table! 


Our animals are raised free ranging on pasture with no antibiotics, no vaccines and fed non-GMO feed or hay from our pastures. We believe quality comes first and happy animals produce GOOD food. 

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