Terms & Conditions

Outdoor Location & Farm Guildelines

  1. Organic Regulations: As a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)-certified organic farm, WHITE OAK FARM and its affiliated companies abide by all organic regulations issued by the USDA. Only approved personal bug sprays may be used on the property. Citronella candles may be used outdoors on the property.

  2. Children: WHITE OAK FARM is committed to the safety of all guests at the property, especially children. Since WHITE OAK FARM operates a working farm and agritourism facility, the property contains risks that are particularly dangerous for children. As a result, WHITE OAK FARM maintains a zero-tolerance policy for children running at-large and unsupervised on the property. Client shall be responsible for informing all guests of this policy. Client acknowledges that WHITE OAK FARM employees have been trained to immediately remove any unsupervised children from restricted areas on the property. If a WHITE OAK FARM employee discovers unsupervised children in unauthorized areas during the event, the employee will immediately return the unsupervised children to the event and make an announcement to all guests that children must be supervised at all times. If a WHITE OAK FARM employee discovers children unsupervised on the property a second time, WHITE OAK FARM staff may ask the parents and children to leave the event immediately. Again, this policy is tor the protection of all event guests.

  3. Farm: As a working farm and agritourism facility, the property is occasionally undergoing upgrades, renovations, and repairs. WHITE OAK FARM cannot guarantee the condition of the property will match those of previous visits by client(s), though every effort will be made to minimize disruptions. If for some reason the property is compromised in an unexpected way (e.g. fire, tornado) and is not suitable to host the event, WHITE OAK FARM reserves the right to cancel. All money paid by client and received by WHITE OAK FARM will be returned in full.

  4. Pets: Pets are permitted at the event, but must be leashed or caged at all times and may not be inside any buildings when food is being prepared and/or served at the event. All pet feces must be collected in a pet waste bag and placed in a marked pet waste receptacle. This restriction is necessary to maintain compliance with food safety laws governing the production of food on the property. If animal feces are found in the area near the event during or immediately after the event, it may serve as grounds for WHITE OAK FARM to retain part of the security deposit for the event.

  5. Relocation: If there is significant deviation from the pre-approved plan, as determined by the event coordinator or WHITE OAK FARM representative, WHITE OAK FARM reserves the right to charge additional labor hours to client(s) in order to execute their desired plan. The client(s) further understands that last minute changes can impact the quality of the event and that WHITE OAK FARM is not responsible for these compromises in quality.

Venue Rental Fees

  1. The clients or representative for the client(s) agree to pay an initial refundable security deposit of USD $1,000. The security deposit is returnable to the client(s) within two weeks after the even has been held and once property has been inspected for any potential damage from the event. Any deductions from the security deposit will be itemized for client.

  2. The security deposit and initial amount specified in the payment schedule of the agreement serve to hold the venue for specified date of event, and are payable at the time the agreement is signed by the parties. The payment shall set forth all other sums owed by client under the  agreement.

  3. Payment by Credit card, cash and check are accepted. Checks may be remitted to: WHITE OAK EVENTS LLC, 2707 SOUTH WAYNESVILLE RD, MORROW OH 45152

  4. A 3% fee is applied for any credit card payments.

  5. There is a $100 fee for any returned checks.

  6. Payments that are not received by their due date will be subject to a fee of $100 per month, or any part of a month, that they go unpaid. If the client is more than thirty days delinquent on payment, WHITE OAK FARM reserves the right to cancel the event for breach of contract. Written notice of cancellation will be provided to the client, and all rental payments shall be retained by WHITE OAK FARM as liquidated damages.


  1. Security deposits are refunded in the event of a cancellation.

  2. If cancellation is made more than 365 days prior to the event, 75% of the rental payments made to date are refunded, and 25% shall be retained by WHITE OAK FARM as liquidated damages.

  3. If cancellation is made 240-365 days prior to the event, 50% of all rental payments made to date are refunded, and 50% shall be retained by WHITE OAK FARM as liquidated damages.

  4. If cancellation is made less than 240 days prior to event, the rental payments made to date shall not be refunded, and shall instead be retained by WHITE OAK FARM as liquidated damages.

Rules & Regulations

The following is a list of rules and regulations to be upheld by client(s), which includes all event planners and vendors (other than WHITE OAK FARM staff) who are involved in the planning and execution of the event on the property.

  1. Candles: All candles used by the client for the event must be approved by the WHITE OAK Event Coordinator. All candles must be enclosed and/or on sturdy bases. WHITE OAK FARM representatives reserve the right to remove any candle at any time if guests' safety is compromised.

  2. Decorations: All decorations must be placed by the client(s) or their representatives during the rental window, unless otherwise arranged through WHITE OAK FARM. All decorations must be removed, without leaving damage, within the rental period, unless special arrangements have been made between the client(s) and WHITE OAK FARM.

  3. Event Ending Time: The event must end by 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday, and 10:00pm on Sunday and weekdays to comply with City of Columbus sound ordinances.

  4. Insurance: Any vendor of goods and services for client must maintain a minimum of $1 million in General Liability Insurance. Client must provide a certificate of insurance with an endorsement sixty (60) days prior to the event for each vendor.

  5. Additionally, client must obtain a one-day General Liability Insurance policy and Property Damage policy in the amount of $ 1 million for the event. Such insurance policy must name WHITE OAK EVENTS LLC, HISTORIC WHITE OAK FARM LLC & WHITE OAK ORGANIC FARM LLC as additional insureds for the duration of the event. Client agrees to provide WHITE OAK FARM with a certificate of insurance evidencing compliance with this provision no less than 60 (sixty) days prior to the event.

  6. Liquor / Beverages / Illegal Substances: Client acknowledges that WHITE OAK FARM shall provide all of the bartending services for the event. WHITE OAK FARM may not purchase alcohol to provide to client guests during the event. Under no circumstances shall WHITE OAK FARM serve alcohol to minors during the event. WHITE OAK FARM, in its sole judgment, reserves the right to discontinue serving alcohol to any guest at any time during the event. No cash bars are permitted. At any time, if WHITE OAK FARM deems alcohol consumption to be excessive, the staff has the authority to close down all alcohol service and/or evict inebriated guests from the property. Substances that are illegal to consume at the time of the event under state or federal law are strictly prohibited on the property. The user(s) of said substances are required to leave the property immediately and the discovery of such illegal substances may be grounds for WHITE OAK FARM to immediately cancel the event and notify law enforcement

  7. Logistical Plans: WHITE OAK FARM staff must review and approve all proposed logistical plans for use of the property. A contingency plan for inclement weather is recommended if use of outdoor spaces is included in the client's proposed use of property.

  8. Music: Brass instruments, drum kits, and subwoofers must be requested by client and may be permitted indoors with pre-approval from a WHITE OAK FARM representative no less than 60 days prior to the event. All music must end by 10:00 PM during weekdays (Sunday-Thursday) and 11:00 PM on Friday and Saturday to comply with City of Columbus sound ordinances. Quantitatively, sound levels must not exceed 60 decibels at the property lines. WHITE OAK FARM retains the right to shut down any performance, at any time, if a vendor is unable to show respect for the family, neighbors, and community by refusing to comply. WHITE OAK FARM is not responsible for any music licensing for the event.

  9. Use of Tobacco Products: The use of tobacco products, including chewable tobacco, is permitted only at designated locations on the property.

  10. Weapons and Combustible Materials: Weapons and flammable materials of any nature, including but not limited to firearms, knives, rocket launchers, bows and arrows, explosives (gasoline, grenades, dynamite, C-4), fireworks, and flamethrowers are not permitted on the property.

  11. Vendor Tipping: WHITE OAK FARM does not allow visible tip jars on the property. If the client feels that any vendor should receive tips, arrangements can be made privately between the client and the vendor. Any visible tip jars will be removed by the WHITE OAK FARM staff.

  12. Parking: Parking is permitted only in designated areas on the property. Inappropriately parked vehicles may be towed at the vehicle owner's or client's sole expense.

  13. Promotion of Agricultural Products and Facilities: Client acknowledges that the event is occurring on an operational farm and agritourism facility. As part of hosting the event on the property, client agrees to permit WHITE OAK FARM or its affiliates to set up displays, markets, stands, concessions, retail operations, tours, or any other reasonable promotional efforts during the event to promote WHITE OAK FARM‘S agricultural goods.

  14. Applicable Law and Permitting: WHITE OAK warrants, to the best of its knowledge, that it is in compliance with, and has obtained the proper permits under, all applicable federal, state, and local laws governing the event and the property. If for any reason WHITE OAK FARM or any affiliate company falls out of compliance with applicable law or loses any necessary permits that would adversely impact the event, or if WHITE OAK FARM in its sole discretion determines that hosting the event would cause a violation of federal, state, or local law, WHITE OAK FARM agrees to notify client as soon as reasonably possible. WHITE OAK FARM will make all reasonable efforts to remedy the default, but the rescheduling or cancelling of the event may be required if WHITE OAK FARM cannot obtain necessary permits or regain compliance. WHITE OAK SHALL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY INCIDENTAL, SPECIAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES RESULTING FROM BREACH OR CANCELLATION OF THE EVENT OF AGREEMENT.

  15. Assignment: Client's rights and obligations under agreement may not be assigned or transferred to any other person or entity without the express written consent of WHITE OAK FARM. If such assignment by client is made without the express written consent of WHITE OAK FARM, WHITE OAK FARM shall be under no obligation to honor the agreement with respect to the assignee.

  16. Photography: Client expressly authorizes WHITE OAK FARM to be present at the event to take promotional photographs of the event for WHITE OAK FARM'S sole use and benefit. Client also expressly authorizes WHITE OAK FARM to contact client's photographer to receive and use pictures of the event. Client's photographer shall be responsible for obtaining all releases from guests necessary to use their likeness. WHITE OAK FARM assumes all responsibility for obtaining the necessary consent forms from individuals present at the event for the use of their likeness in photographs taken by WHITE OAK FARM.

Applicable Laws & Consent to Jurisdiction

  1. Any agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Ohio. The parties consent to the resolution of any and all disputes arising under an agreements through the court of applicable jurisdiction located in Franklin County, Ohio.

Catering Services

  1. Client is responsible for contracting with an outside service for their catering needs. WHITE OAK FARM will provide a clean space for the catering company for food prep. This includes water utilities, tables for staging food and a minimum amount of cold storage space.  

Restroom Facilities

  1. White Oak agrees to contract with an outside service to provide restroom facilities for the event at no expense to the client. The restroom facilities will be conducive to the final head count of guests provided to WHITE OAK FARM no less than 60 days prior to the scheduled event.